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SKU: DP2663
by ePBT


  • Queued for production(2023-3-27)
  • R3 physical sample completed,waiting for confirmation by the designer (2023-2-24)
  • The R2 sample is not approved, and will do R3 sample (2022-11-5)
  • R2 sample done, send to designer for confirmation (2022-9-26)
  • Received designer's color book, R2 sample has been arranged. (2022-08-30)
  • Waiting for the color paper sent by the designer, will do R2 sample then (2022-07-14)
  • The designer requested to change the color card, which is being processed (2022-06-18)
  • The second version of the sample has been shipped out, waiting for the designer to confirm(2022-03-14)
  • Received the sample, color has a little issue, rearrange the sample (2022-02-14)

Group buy date: From June 15th to July 16th, 2021Estimated shipping date: To be updated

Dreamscape was originally derived and inspired from the BTS album cover Love yourself ‘Answer’. The colors often remind of a setting sunset or a rising moon, with colored gradients stretching over the sky and I thought that maybe something like this would look cool to other people than just me.


  • CA: Ashkeebs
  • US: ValaSupply
  • OCE: DailyClack
  • EU: CandyKeys
  • CN: KBDFans
  • KR: SwagKeys
  • PH: ZionStudios
  • UK:Prototype