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by KBDfans


Taco is a well known street meal, it's a portion of delicious, convenient and diverse food that people enjoy for decades.

No matter what your life circumstances are, a yummy taco always can bring you back to the day one moment.

That is also the feature we want to bring with the Taco 75% design this time. A minimalist keyboard that throws you back to the day when you first ever fall into the mechanical keyboard world.


• Typing angle: 8°
• Structure: Top mount/Silicone bowl gasket
• Case Material: Aluminum case (Bottom case with acrylic layer, supports RGB light effect)
• PCB: Hot-swappable, USB-C, supports VIA/QMK, with daughterboard
• Weight: Sandblasted Brass/PVD Stainless Steel Weight
• Plate: Polycarbonate/FR4/Carbon fiber/Aluminum
• Net weigth: 505g
• Designed by KBDfans


• In Production(2023-5-26)
• The R1 prototype has been produced and still needs to be adjusted. The R2 prototype is in production now. (2023-03-16)


• To be updated





- for anyone who is looking for a stiff typing experience, also it is known as OG mechanical keyboard mounting style preference.

Silicone bowl gasket


Provide 50g/60g/70g pressure silicone bowls

- for anyone who is looking for a bouncy typing experience.

Multiple Plates



Carbon fiber



Provide different typing experience depends on the different materials

Bouncy typing from hard to soft: Aluminum > Carbon fiber > FR4 > Polycarbonate

Hot-swap & Solderable PCB

We cancelled the Flex cut on Taco pad's PCB design this time to provide a better typing sound experience
if you don't want to put any foams during your keyboard build.

QMK/TMK firmware Programmable: can configure keyboard with the online VIA tool

Hot swappable PCB: easily change the switches using a switch puller

1.2mm thickness, supports the open source daughterboard

Num lock LED indicator on the top only and partial RGB underglow

Customized embedded rubber feet design

Sandblasted process on the surface of brass weight

The inspiration for the keyboard back design was from the modern car's rear design

All CNC 6063 aluminum case

Anodize finish would be way better now by using the new production method

The back engraving and the package design are going to remind you this is a taco-themed design

PVD sandblasted Brass (with icon)
PVD stainless steel mirrored Black
PVD stainless steel mirrored Laser

The back engraving reminds you this is a taco-themed design


Layout & Dimension