Ready to use Odin 75 Hot-swap Keyboard with EPBT Dreamscape

SKU: ZH13714
by KBDfans


  • Case: Top aluminum, bottom aluminum
  • Wired version PCB: Hot-swap version, Flex cut, without RGB effect, 1.2mm thickness
  • Notes: Support VIA and VIAL(It is recommended to use VIA). VIAL's firmware is not official
  • Plate: Polycarbonate and FR4
  • Structure: Leaf spring mount; 75% layout
  • Interface: USB-C
  • Translucent OLED Screen
  • Foam: Case foam and PCB foam (PORON material)
  • Weight Bar: PVD coating silver aluminum
  • Rubber feet: Round rubber feet
  • Typing angle: 7°
  • Weight: ≈2.1kg
  • Designer: KBDfans
  • Keycaps: EPBT Dreamscape - Base kit (SKU:DP2663)


  • The pre-order is expected to be shipped in three months (2024-06-25)
  • The new batch of Dreamscape keycap kit is in production and we will ship the pre-order at the end of Jun (2024-05-30)
  • The PCB will finished producing after the New years day. And we will ship the pre order around Jan 15th after all PCBs finished QC.(2023-12-27)
  • Pre-orders will start shipping progressively around Dec 19th.(2023-12-12)
  • The pre-order case is expected to be shipped in December, 2023 (2023-10-28)


  • Aluminum case x1
  • Aluminum weight bar x1
  • Translucent OLED screen x 1
  • Flexible cutting PCB(Includes stabilizers shims) x1
  • Flexible cutting FR4 plate x1
  • Polycarbonate plate x1
  • Case foam x1
  • Mid frame x1
  • PCB foam x1
  • USB daughterboard x1
  • Cherry screw-in stabilizers x1 set
  • Switch Pad x1 set
  • Silicone socks x1 set
  • Screws x1 set
  • Rubber feet x1 set
  • Base kit keycaps x1


All the daughterboards from KBDfans are pre-assembled with JST cable, please check carefully how they connect together, if you insert the other end in the wrong direction, there is a chance to damage the pin inside the connector. This is not eligible for refund and replacement.

Optional accessories

  • Keyboard USB-C cable: Link
  • Keyboard wrist rest: Link
  • Keyboard deskmat: Link
  • Keyboard stand: Link

Sound test

Explosion diagram