Margo Case

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Introducing our new beach-inspired keyboard design!
With elegant curves resembling ocean waves and CNC-cut case, the Margo continues our minimalist approach.
Inspired by the graceful curves of ocean waves and adorned with shell patterns, this keyboard takes design to the next level.
The captivating keycaps will catch your eye from the front, while the keyboard itself remains sleek and unadorned.
Each case is paired with its own brass weight, making the overall combination more harmonious.
We have matched the weight bars with corresponding colors based on the different case colors.
The heat coloring of brass is achieved by heating the surface of the brass, causing it to undergo a chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air, forming a thin layer of oxide film.
The thickness and composition of this film will vary depending on the temperature and duration of the heating process, resulting in a range of different colors.
This means that each piece of brass hardware is unique.
Zircon sand blasting can be used to clean the surface, increase the surface area, improve the appearance, increase the hardness, and enhance the coating adhesion of the aluminum alloy housing.
Compared to traditional glass beads, zircon sand has higher hardness and wear resistance.
It can produce a more uniform and smoother surface, while also improving the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating.

Case: Top and Bottom Aluminum/PC Ccase

Structure: Silicone gasket mount

Weight bar: Patina finished brass weight bar

Typing angle: 6 degree

* Compatible with KBD67 Llite barebone

PC case is pre-order, the estimated shipping date is in 2-3 months (2024-7-12)
Tentative sale time: July 12th (2024-06-25)
Official production started (2024-05-31)
The R2 prototype has completed production and testing, and has been confirmed. (2023-12-21)

Case x1

Brass weight bar x1

Screwdriver with T6 bit x1

Rubber feet x1 set

Screws x1 set

QC standard
Margo QC standard: Link