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by ePBT


  • Manufacturer: ePBT
  • Production Method: PBT reverse dye-sublimation

Introducing ePBT Creative Studio, a keycap set inspired by and featuring sublegends for your favorite creative tools. The set comprises dark gray alpha keys and two themed modifiers sets: a sky-blue and navy PS theme, and an orange and maroon AI theme. ISO-UK is supported in the base alphas kit, and NorDe support is provided via an extension kit.
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*Revised 2021-03-15

Alphas Base Kit*

Modifiers PS*

Modifiers AI*

Numpad PS*

Numpad AI*

Modern PS*

Modern AI*


Nomad PS*

Nomad AI*

Spacebars PS

Spacebars AI

Novelties PS*

Novelties AI*


Deskmat Accent

Deskmat PS

Deskmat AI