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SKU: ZH16567
by KBDfans

Keyboard Specification

#Keyboard Case#
Case: Holy60 Case

Material: Aluminum
Structure: Tray-mount
Compatibility: with most 60% PCB, including DZ60 rev3.0/DZ60 RGB-ANSI/DZ60RGB V2/GH60/Wooting 60HE PCB, etc.
Weight: The case approximately 0.22 kg
Typing angle: 7 degree

PCB: Tofix607R/Tofix607 1.6mm non-flex cut hot-swap PCB
Mode: Wired
Input Interface: USB Type-C
Rapid Trigger: Yes
Adjustable Actuation Points: 0.1mm - 4.0mm
Polling rate: 8000Hz/ms
Hidden dead zone: No
Screw hole: GH60 standard
DIY: Low entry barrier, supports assembly



  • If you wish to modify your order, please clear all existing items from your shopping cart and re-add them on the product page.
  • A complete order must include switches and plate; otherwise, it will be canceled. Any additional charges incurred will be the responsibility of the buyer.


Pre-order time:
December 29, 2023, at 9 AM (Beijing timezone, GMT+8) - January 29, 2024
The Pre-order time is extended until the related accessories are sold out (2024-01-29)                  

Estimated Shipping time: At the end of March, 2024

Packing list

Price $220.03 of 'Case (with PCB+Add-on pack)' includes below items:

Case (with USB blocker) x1
Bottom foam x1
PCB x1
PCB foam x1
Cherry screw-in stabs 60 set x1
USB cable x1
Screwdriver (Cross-head PH1 bit+Torx T6 bit) x1
Rubber feet x1 set
Screws x1 set

The following accessories should be purchased separately and added to the cart with the kit together:

Plate x1
Switches (70pcs) x1 pack
Keycaps set x1


Note: RAKKA 60HE pcb supports Multiple layouts (supports left Shift splitting, Backspace splitting, ISO enter, and spacebar splitting. Note that the split spacebar can only be arranged in the order of 2.25u 2.75u 1.25u due to hole position issues), but the plate provided in the keyboard kit only supports the 60% ANSI layout and split Right Shift. If you desire other layouts, you'll need to create the plate yourself.