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by KBDfans

Pluto, an affordable frl.

The main purpose of this board is to introduce more people to the best layout.
This board was originally designed to be O-ring gasket mount only, Top mount was added to make the board whole.
Sticking with a mimal design, the engraving of planets was replaced with the Logo surrounding with pluto moons and planets.
Pluto now also features an accent Piece with an engraving of Pluto Symbol below the nav cluster.



  • Typing Angle: 6 Degrees
  • Front Height: 17.10mm
  • Dual Mounting: O-ring Gasket & Top Mount
  • Layout: WKL & WK
  • Top & Bottom Material: Aluminium 6063
  • Internal Weight: Sand Blasted Stainless Steel
  • PCB: 1.60mm
  • Switch compatibility: MX-style switches (3 & 5-pin)
  • Dual Mounting: O-ring gasket mount; Top mount
  • Design by Saab


In Production(2023-5-26)


This is the new design for the Top Piece, it features an engraving and a stainless steel accent piece.
The engraving is for the planet symbol for Pluto, suits the keyboard and the theme. It was requestedin the IC response to do something for the Top piece, so here we are.

Exploded View

Brass Bottom

For those who like their board heavy, the bottom piece fully made out of brass should be the perfect solution.
feedback is greatly appreciated regarding the brass bottom, if it should be made into a reality or not. The acoustics of the entire board will be affected due to the material difference. The aluminium bottom piece will be with the base kit, Brass piece will be offered for extra cost. The price of the brass piece is not sure yet.


More colours will be added as we continue getting more responses from the IC, suggestions are welcomed.
As we are still in an early IC phase, more colours can be chosen.



Navy blue


Wine red


Emerald green