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SKU: DP6186
by GMK


**Terminal is back for a 3rd time, and this time we’re making it extra special.**

After 2 1k+ runs on PBT and with 5-sided dyesub, I’ve decided to do the third round a bit different (and maybe the last one for now). Here’s what’s changed:

- Redid the legends from scratch, using a different font and tweaked alignment
- New materials (ABS!) and print method (UV print!!)
- Windowed keys!!! (caps lock, scroll lock, numpad lock)
- New factory (OMG I mean GMK!!!!)


  • Produced by Salvun
  • CNC’d out of polycarbonate, hand dyed, with a copper “screen” and resin accents
  • Cherry row 1 profile
  • MX compatible


  • Start fulfilling orders
    Artisan is still in production and will be ready in one month(2024-06-13)
  • GB ended, working on production (2024-05-31)
  • The physical sample and production documents has been approved. (2024-2-21)
  • Caps have been ordered late December 2023 and will finish production late Q2 2024 (2024-01-09)
  • Group buy date: From Jan 8th to Mar 18th (2024-01-06)
  • Time line: GMK is currently quoting a lead time of ~20 weeks.

Sale Method

  • Pre-order


  • Material: ABS material
  • Profile: CYL (Cherry) profile
  • Production Method: UV print
  • Manufacturer: GMK
  • Friendly Reminder: Only base keycaps included, no Artisan, no keyboard
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones
  • Designer: Maxvoltar
  • Windowed keys for Caps Lock (stepped and regular), Scroll Lock and Num Lock.


  • Black: GMK CR
  • Green: RAL 120 70 70 (Cocktailgrün)
  • Orange: RAL 060 70 70 (Indischgelb)
  • White: GMK WS1