Tofu Jr.

65% | Gasket+Top mount l Qmk firmware

History of Tofu65

The first iteration of the Tofu65 was born around October 2019, since of October 2022, we have sold more than 26,000 units! Tofu65 is very popular in the community, and it is also the first customized mechanical keyboard for many enthusiasts. The minimalist design and low price made it an excellent entry-level mechanical keyboard.

A New Design

Tofu Jr continues the design language of Tofu65 and is still a minimalist design style... with some small changes.

Gasket or top mount? It's up to you!

We transplanted the silicone gasket design of the Tiger lite to Tofu Jr, and we also included support for top mount! If you like top mount, you don't need to buy any additional accessories, we've provide the extra screws within the kit.

What's in the box

Every Tofu Jr comes with the same accessories of 3 foams, silicone gasket sleeves, matching screws, and Cherry screw-in stabilizers. Customize your configuration and make it your own with your choice of different plate materials, PVD stainless steel weight, and case colors. Lastly, Tofu Jr comes with a hotswap PCB for easy assembly!

1.   Top Case

4.   EVA Switch Pad 0.5mm

7.   Bottom Case

2.   Plate and Rubber Gasket

5.   Flex-cut PCB 1.2mm

8.   PVD Stainless Steel Weight

3.   Poron Foam 3.5mm

6.   Bottom Poron Foam 2mm

9.   Daughterboard

Collection of pictures

Multiple colors you can choose from

Currently there are 8 colors to choose from. White, Pink, and Lake are electrophoretic processed, the rest are anodized.


Dark Red



Dark Purple

Dark Blue



Stainless steel PVD weight

4 colors to choose from. All are PVD mirror finish.

  • PVD Laser
  • PVD Black
  • PVD Moon
  • PVD Gold

 PVD Laser

 PVD Black

 PVD Moon

 PVD Gold

Multiple plate options to choice

Plate material of Tofu Jr come in the following 4 options, Aluminum, Polycarbonate, POM, and FR4

  • Brass
  • Polycarbonate
  • POM
  • FR4

Aluminum is anodized and the color is gray. If you like a stiffer typing experience, you can choose Aluminum, especially with Top Mount. Aluminum tends to also provide a higher pitch tone. Flex-cuts have been added to reduce some of the stiffness of the plate.

Polycarbonate is a fairly strong plastic. Because of this, we removed flex-cuts in favor of having a fuller sound. With Polycarbonate, you can get a soft typing experience, and fairly deep sound.

Pom is a self-lubricating material, which is also relatively soft. Unlike Polycarbonate, the difference is that POM can give a deeper sound profile.

FR4 is a fiberglass material that is also used to make PCBs. With FR4, you can get hardness between Polycarbonate and Aluminum. It is fairly flexible and had a warm muted sound.

Programmable PCB

Programmable with QMK firmware and it supports online Via tools.

The PCB has a flex cut, and is 1.2mm thick. It also supports per-key RGB.

Tofu Jr's PCB is softer, thanks to the removal of the USB port and other hard points from the previous mounting system. It also benefits by using a daughterboard connection.

Typing sound test

If you have any questions. We will answer them for you

To the right, are a few frequently asked questions, or chat with us now.
Are there any special size keycaps I should be concerned about?
Yes! The keys cap sizes to the right of the space bar are 1u size and the right shift is 1.75u. Please check your keycap set for compatibility!
How much does this keyboard weigh?
1053 grams, 2.3 pounds for case and weight unbuilt
How many switches do I need to build this?
68 switches are the bare minimum, but its best to order more in case a switch fails or arrives damaged.
I want to upgrade the stabilizers, what should I get?
A 60 kit of the Dyboox stabilizers are recommended. Alternatively, any kit that is designed for the 1.2mm thick PCB will also work.
What is a recommended cleaning method for the PVD weight?
a special cleaning cloth will be provided in the box for worry free cleaning!