We are committed not only to bringing you the best about mechanical keyboards, also turning the best designs into real products.

- KBDfans team

Who we are?

In 2013, wei purchased the first mechanical keyboard, and since then he has been in touch with mechanical keyboards and entered the world of mechanical keyboards. In 2016 he created the KBDfans brand.

From the original one-person to the current 40-person team, KBDfans is gradually developing and growing.

If you compare the mechanical keyboard to the desert, compare the love for the mechanical keyboard to the wind. Then we are all boundless vast and tiny grains of sand, gathered by the wind, but we are no longer willing to drift away with the wind!

- KBDfans team

Our values

Loving the mechanical keyboard is equivalent to replacing the lonely moments in life with moments of great enjoyment. A person does not have to be rich and noble, and a small wealth is also an attitude to life. But it's a big pity that you can't sleep with your beloved mechanical keyboard pillow in your dreams!

KBDfans attaches great importance to the needs of keyboard enthusiasts, weakens the so-called operation, and puts more energy into original design to catch up in dreams and fantasies.


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