[GB]ENJOYPBT Grayscale

  • 3-5:The international kit factory sent to us this week, and all other orders were shipped


  • 3-5:The goods are expected to be shipped at the end of march and are under production
  • 3-22:It is expected that the factory will deliver the goods to me next Saturday
  • The factory has shipped the goods, and it is expected to ship next week
  • 4-22:Keycaps arrives, ready for shipment, all us orders shipped from us

[GB] Maxkey 2600 Keycaps set

  • 2-21: The first batch of 230 sets is expected to be shipped at the end of February, and the remaining orders are expected to be shipped at the beginning of march
  • 3-9: The factory sent 113 sets to us today, and the rest will be sent as soon as possible
  • Start shipping
  • 3-14:The vendor will ship the remaining orders to us tomorrow
  • Shipment of all orders

[GB] Linjär custom linear Switch

  • 2-21:The order is being counted and is expected to be sent in March
  • sample photo
  • All orders have been shipped

[GB] T1 Switch

  • 3-5: We are testing. If there is no problem, we can produce a new batch next week
  • 3-9: Started production, 40,000 black transparent ones
  • 3-21:The transparent version arrives and starts shipping
  • All orders have been shipped

[GB] Fusion60

  • 3-9:PCB is in production and case is in production. It is expected to be shipped in March.
  • 3-14: The brass weight is finished 
  • 4-21:In anodizing process, brass is polished by hand


  • On March 14th, vendor delivered the goods, and the goods order is expected to be placed on March 20th
  • all order are full shipment

[GB] Epbt kuro shiro 

  • Group buying 

[GB] Epbt 2048

  • Group buying 

[GB] KBDfans x Biip Koala switch

  • Group buying 

[GB] KBDfans KBD8x and KBDPAD

  • Group buying 




      [IC]Enjoypbt Kuro/Shiro


      [IC] EnjoyPBT Extended 2048


      [IC]GMK nines




      [IC] MAXKEY SA Leviathan Keycaps set