[EXTRA] GMK Chaos Theory

Only Child Kit In Stock
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by GMK


  • Start fulfilling orders and selling extra in stock (2024-01-17)
  • Finished production and will send to us soon (2024-01-12)
  • Production will be completed in Jan 2024 (2024-01-04)
  • Will be produced this year, estimate date: Q1 2024 (2023-11-09)
  • Estimated shipping date: Q1 2024
  • Production is expected to be completed in end of October, 2023 (2023-08-09)
  • R2 sample rejected, waiting for GMK to provide new samples (2023-2-13)
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  • Estimated shipping date: Q1 2023
  • Group Buy Date: October 8th to November 15th, 2021


So how did we get here then? The answer is my existential depression (sigh). Just kidding. Maybe not. Who knows, let's move on. Swiftly.

What if that crack on the sidewalk did break someone's grandma's back? What if the Hindenburg never blew up, and we didn't abandon blimps as a society? What if one little point on the timeline was changed ever so slightly? That is Chaos Theory.

Color Inspiration: I was going through my late father's comics collection when I stumbled upon a box of old sci-fi artwork from the 70s and 80s that stunned me. While it is hard to put colors to the abstract themes of chaos theory, I found that these comics and the dystopian or sometimes euphoric scenes that they depict did a wonderful job of synthesizing the concepts of parallel dimensions, alternate realities, and much more into lush color palettes.


  • Profile: Cherry Profile
  • Material: ABS material
  • Production Method: Double-shot
  • Manufacturer: GMK Electronic Design GmbH in Germany
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Cherry and Cherry MX clones

Artisan Keycaps Specs

  • HIBI Butterfly Metal Artisan: Brass base with colorful PVD coating and a luminous glow enamel fill
  • Keylabs Crucible Metal Artisan: Aluminum base anodized to match the modifiers dark purple and randomly infilled with a combination of two of the pink, green, purple, yellow, and red accent colors from the set.
    There are 20 possible combinations, please forgive the lack of static renders. 

Switch Specs

  • Manufacturer: Tecsee
  • Color: Rainbow aluminum-plated full nylon housings
  • Details: Linear POM stem (3.9 mm travel) color-matched to the pink accent of GMK Chaos Theory
  • Pressure: 68g
  • Spring: 15 mm standard gold springs
  • Friendly Reminds: Each switch's rainbow metal plating will be different and appear differently.


  • This specific colorway of Tecsee's metal-plated switches will only run for the GMK Chaos Theory GB and will not be made again.

Deskmat Specs

  • Size: 900 mm x 400 mm x 4 mm
  • Production Method: Stitched Edges



  • Every Singularity switch will appear differently due to the aluminum plating process, please see pictures for variance. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.
  • The Keylabs "Chaos" metal artisan will be a random double infill of the five accent colors of the set (pink, purple, green, yellow, and red). Please see the animation to see a few out of the twenty possible combinations (a single color will only appear once per artisan). By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.
  • The images shown are used for illustrative purposes only. No keyboards shown are included. While we aim to accurately estimate and reproduce colors, there may be minor variations in the color of the actual product because of differences in display output due to lighting and digital photography and color settings and capabilities of monitors. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.