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SKU: DP2500
by ePBT


  • Start selling extras (2023-4-18)
  • Start fulfilling orders (2023-4-06)
  • In production (2022-12-06)
  • Queued for production (2022-07-29)
  • Color prototype approved, start making kit prototype(2022-04-19)
  • Redoing the sample (2022-03-25)
  • Received the new sample, send it to the designer for reconfirmation (2022-02-14)
  • Samples will be shipped soon (2021-12-11)
  • Group buy date: June 1 - July 1, 2021

This set isn’t about the keyboard grabbing all the attention on your desk, it’s a set you’d see in a remote cabin in the snowy mountains, the type a famous writer would flee to finish the successor to their breakthrough debut, far away from all distractions. They should really call their spouse, it’s been a while since they’ve been in contact.


EPBT Keycaps QC Standard