ePBT Winter Breath

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by ePBT



  • Fulfillment (2022-12-20)
  • Start fulfilling orders (2022-11-29)
  • Ready to ship (2022-10-14)
  • Friendly remind: The actual product is a bit different from the renders in the different lighting environment
    and renders always made in a perfect lighting environment, so the alpha colour (GMK GR1)is a little lighter than the real products.
    Colorway of alpha is GR1 and the accent is WS1. Check more from the original post on Geekhack here
  • QC and packaging will be started next week (2022-09-17)
  • Sample confirmed, arrange the production (2022-03-10)
  • Group Buy Date Start: November 1st, 2021
  • Group Buy Date End: December 1st, 2021
  • Estimated Shipping Date: Dec, 2022


  • Material: PBT material
  • Production Method: Dye-sub
  • Profile: Cherry Profile
  • Designer: Mars


  • Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones


Hey enthusiasts! This is Mars.

Here comes my new keycap design: ePBT - Winter Breath. The theme is winter camp and pine forest.
This set is inspired by my favorite Instagram wildlife & nature photographer Julie Audet from France. Her photos of winter are awesome.