[IN stock]R10 Zealios/Tealios switch (Tactile) (10 switches)


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54,000 R10 zealios arrived!


  • 62g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky] 
  • 65g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]  
  • 67g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky]  
  • 78g - Transparent, PCB Mount [Tactile, non-clicky] 

Tactile feeling for the different weights:

  • 62g Zealios - Smooth and light, a bit heavier than MX Browns in weight, but offer a much smoother experience with a larger "one smooth motion" tactile bump feedback when compared to MX Browns. Lightest variant Zealio.
  • 65g Zealios - Smooth, long, drawn out tactile bump in the middle. Nice cushion during bottom out.
  • 67g Zealios - Smooth, "crisp & responsive" tactile bump feeling near the top (this is due to the spring design, all Zealios share the same stem), more cushion during bottom out than 65g Zealios.
  • 78g Zealios - For those that prefer a slightly lighter MX Clear, but want a smooth and apparent tactile bump. From beginning to end, the spring is heavier than all other Zealio variants.

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