Mechanical keyboard low profile switches Kailh PCB Socket CPG135001S30

SKU: PJ0169
by Kailh

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Rating voltage: 12V AC/DC (maximum) and 2V AC (minimum)
Rating current: 10mA AC/DC (maximum) and 10μA DC (minimum)
Contact resistance: 200mΩ (maximum)
Insulation resistance: 100mΩ (minimum) (100V DC)
Withstand Voltage: AC100V(50-60Hz)
Motion Force: 3.0kgf max
Operating Life: 100 Cycles (can replace switches 100 times)

Product Application:
Mainly applied on computer keyboards,cash registers equipment and Man-Machine

Quantity 1 = 1 sockets

The order exceeds 10000 pieces, can contact me, we can give you the wholesale price.

Can't use PCB directly on ordinary PCB. If you are the PCB designer, you need to download the specification.

Specification download