[PRE-ORDER] KBDfans T1 Tactile Switch
[PRE-ORDER] KBDfans T1 Tactile Switch
[PRE-ORDER] KBDfans T1 Tactile Switch
[PRE-ORDER] KBDfans T1 Tactile Switch
[PRE-ORDER] KBDfans T1 Tactile Switch
[PRE-ORDER] KBDfans T1 Tactile Switch

[PRE-ORDER] KBDfans T1 Tactile Switch

Regular price $5.50

KBDfans T1 Switch

The first batch of 12,000 switches will be transparent housing.
The batch afterwards will be cyan stem (Signature Plastics BEY) with a translucent black housing.

According to the designer of the Holy Panda, the T1 and HP feel 95% identical, with only sound being slightly different.
The spring is 67g bottom out, which is the same as the original holy panda.
The stem of HP is longer than the stem of KBDfans T1, so the bottom out sound differs slightly.

The Holy Panda is a great switch; however, it is expensive at over 1USD, and requires parts from two different switches from different vendors.
The T1 removes the financial and physical burdens by offering a complete switch for only 0.55USD.

We started the R&D in September, with Quakemz of Top Clack offering an original Holy Panda sample for reference.
After 3 months of R&D, we are proud to say that we have a switch that is very close to the very original HP.

Production has already begun for the first round of pre-orders.
12,000 switches will be produced for this batch, and Novelkeys will receive 8,000.
We hope to ship them out before Chinese New Year. Order more than 80 switches receive free shipping via ePacket. We also recommend everyone to upgrade to faster shipping.

These switches will be sold in packs of 10. (Quantity 1 = 10 switches)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at kbdfans@gmail.com.

Product pictures



Comparison of T1 and holy panda 

On the left is holypanda, on the right is T1


Q: Where are you?
A: We are a store in China, shipped around the world!

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Q: What currency does your store receive?
A: Our shop charges are in US dollars.
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Q: What mode of transport do you use?
A: more expensive goods, we will use FEDEX or DHL, relatively low prices of free shipping items we will use epacket, or China Post

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Q: DHL or fedex courier shipping too expensive! Can you ship it?
A: Unloaded transport may cause a lot of problems to both sides. In order to protect both sides, we chose to only provide DHL or fedex. Only international buyers can choose to sell small items, however, lost or damaged KBDfans responsible

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Q: Do I have to go home and send DHL?
A: Yes and No. In most cases, if you live in a house / apartment, DHL needs to sign at the delivery point. However, if you know that you can not sign the package on the same day, you can also use the tracking #, name and signature to leave a signed note, informing the shipper to place the parcel at the door. In most cases they will follow your instructions, but if they feel that leaving the package is unsafe, they will return and re-try delivery tomorrow.

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Q: About transit time
A: General FEDEX or DHL transport time within 7-10 days, epacket transport time in 10-15 days, China Post time is generally 15-20 days, or even longer, so try to choose fast delivery, because cheap logistics Lost without compensation.

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Q: I do not see the timing of the delivery method. why?
A: free shipping and freight items need to pay separately, do not pay together, if there are any questions you can tell us

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Q: Ok, if DHL can not be delivered on time, I chose the regular service, how do i ask my shipping refund?
A: Send us an email via contact form and we will process your claim. Refund guarantee must be filed within 15 calendar days and may take up to 30 days to process.

About refund:
We will provide our goods within one year of free maintenance, and provide technical support, of course, the cost of return to be paid.

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