ePBT Soju

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SKU: ZH9842
by ePBT

  • Selling extra in stock (2022-10-26)
  • Vendors: Shipped out most orders
  • Expected to be ready to ship in two weeks (2022-09-17)
  • Production completion progress reaches 70% (2022-09-08)
  • Part of kits arrived (2022-8-30)
  • Keycap injection is 50% completed (2022-07-05)
  • Starting the Reverse Dye-sub (2022-06-18)
  • Production in progress (2022-04-01)
  • Color confirmed, ready to produce (2022-03-09)
  • Adjusting the color, waiting for the sample (2022-03-07)
  • Received the sample, and send it to the designer for reconfirmation (2022-02-14)
  • Sample not approved, adjusting it again (2022-01-21)

The set was inspired by the Korean alcoholic drink, Soju. With a positive relationship with my love for soju and a negative tolerance level for alcohol

ePBT Soju


  • Manufacturer:EPBT
  • Material: PBT 
  • Production Methods: Dye-sub and Reverse Dye-sub 
  • Made in China
  • Cherry profile 
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • Acceptable Quality Standards: Link

Sample Picture