D65 E-coating Starry Black Hot-swap Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT

SKU: ZH8386
by KBDfans

Specifications :

  • 65% Layout 
  • Gasket Mount
  • Case: Full aluminum case (with Blockers and Brass weight)
  • Hot-swap PCB: KBD67 MarK II V3 Hot-swap PCB (with Per-key RGB on top, without RGB underglow)
  • Plate: Brass material
  • Stabilizers: Cherry screw-in stabs 60 set
  • PCB foam: Put it between PCB and Plate
  • Case foam: Put it between PCB and Case
  • The PCB is fixed by 2 pieces of foam which are able to provide a dampened sound and feel tends to be quieter
  • Designer: KBDfans Wei
  • D65 build Manual


    • D65 case x1
    • PCB x1
    • Plate x1
    • Case foam x1
    • PCB foam x1
    • Stabs 60 set x1
    • Gasket set x1 
    • Screws and Rubber feet

    Optional accessories

    • KBDfans handmade custom mechanical keyboard Type-C Cable: Link
    • PBTfans™ WOB keycaps: Link

    Switches options for D65: Click

    Carrying Case for D65: Click

    Hot-swap version assemble service for D65: Click

    VIA firmware