Color Chips Alu Wrist Rest

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  • Wrist rest material: Aluminum
  • Color chips material: Aluminum
  • Clear acrylic cover

65% layout

  • Size: 317mm x 66mm (front 10mm, back 18mm)
  • Quantity of Color Chips: 10 (different random colors)
  • Compatible with Tofu 65 (2.0) and Tofu Jr perfectly

80% layout

  • Size: 361mm x 73mm (front 10mm, back 20mm)
  • Quantity of Color Chips: 11 (different random colors)

Base color


  • Wrist rest base x1
  • Color chips (65% layout) x10
  • Color chips (80% layout) x11
  • Clear acrylic cover x1
  • Screws and rubber feet x1 set


  • The scratches on the surface of Clear acrylic cover are not covered in warranty
  • The color and arrangement of the color chips are random, which may be inconsistent with the pictures shown above


Group buy date: March 29th - April 18th