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SKU: ZH5662
by KBDfans

We would add the stock at 9:00 PM, 29 Dec 2021 EST, limited amount.


  • Each standard kit includes a brass weight on bottom, founder edition doesn’t have a brass weight
  • Keyboard has a 7​°angle
  • Both the PCB are QMK and also VIA compatible
  • PCBs layout:​ Bottom of page
  • To achieve RGB on bottom you need Universal PCB + Polycarbonate bottom.
  • To achieve RGB on top you need Hotswap PCB ANSI
  • Each PCB will have a type-C daughterboard PCB, PCB color is Matte Black
  • Brass parts are coated ​
  • Plate will match the PCB layout you pick
  • Color of the aluminum Plate is random


  • Top Case 
  • Bottom Case
  • PCB
  • Plate
  • Weight Bar
  • USB-C Daughterboard
  • Type-C Cable
  • Case Foam
  • Plate Foam
  • The color of Top Acrylic would have slight difference with the Bottom Polycarbonate
  • Keep in mind that what you see is the result of a prototype and renders, which can not represent exactly the final product you will get.

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VIA Firmware