Tiger80/lite tape mod customization

SKU: DP4872
by KBDfans
  • Image must have at least 2074 px width and 710 px height
  • This is an option that does not support a refund. Once an order has been submitted, it can not be refunded. We will complete your project and ship it within one day of printing

Friendly Reminder: There are cut-off points on the customized tape mod.
-Cut-off points for top and bottom is 2 mm
-Cut-off points for left and right is 4 mm
Make sure the picture you select will not be affected by the cut-off points.

If you upload the image, you agree that the image being uploaded does NOT contain the following:

  1. Excessively gory images
  2. Graphic violence images
  3. Adult content
  4. Gratuitous gore
  5. Hateful imagery
  6. Political or confrontational imagery
  7. Images that do not comply with laws and regulations prevailing in the People's Republic of China (and any prevailing regional laws in the states that KBDfans operates in)

Failure to comply with the guidelines specified will result in your customized request not being fulfilled. A refund will not be provided and you will instead receive a blank tape mod.