R2 EPBT x EnjoyMyInSec Spectrum PBT keycaps set

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SKU: DP1322
by ePBT

Hi everyone, I sincerely hope that everyone is doing great and that you’re all safe at home!  :thumb:

It’s already been one year since my first group buy started today so, I think it’s a good opportunity to make another one.

Let me introduce you to my new set being EnjoyPBT Spectrum :  https://enjoymy.gallery/spectrum.html


As you can all see, this set is a mix of white alphas with CMYK modifiers. This idea came from my love for from OG keysets + CMYK Add-on, something that you guys can recreate, this set is definetly a tribute to that iconic combination:

On top of that, that set is meant to be very minimalistic and cover few layouts but that can change depending of the demand.

The kits are the following:

The base kit offers great compatibility by covering the standard ANSI layout, Tsangan, HHKB, and WKL.

You can notice that the Additive synthesis kit is meant to provide the “OG CMYK” experience since you can have white modifiers for the rows: 1, 2 and 3.

Speaking of the colors, color matching won’t be an issue because these colors already exist, I chose them from stock GMK colors but this set will actually be Dyesub PBT and not Doubleshot ABS :


Let me now show you more renders on how this beauty looks :