KBDfans Kunlun Keyboard Kit

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SKU: DP5148
by KBDfans

Project Progress

  • Selling extra in stock (2023-1-5)
  • Cases come batch by batch, preparing the kit and will arrange the shipment after that (2022-10-26)

 • We are working on the Chrome one this week, and most of the units are ready for anodizing process soon. (2022-09-27)

  • The cases are being CNC machined (2022-08-27)
  • Group Buy starts (2022-07-04)
  • Second prototype arrived, waiting on the third prototype (2022-07-01)
  • Sample of PCB and Top Case are completed (2022-03-25)


(Quote from Wikipedia)
The Kunlun (simplified Chinese: 昆仑; traditional Chinese: 崑崙; pinyin: Kūnlún; Wade–Giles: K'un-lun)
or Kunlun Shan is a mountain or mountain range in Chinese mythology, an important symbol representing the axis mundi and divinity.

The mythological Kunlun is based on various sources — mythologic and geographic — of the modern so-called Kunlun Mountains of the Tibetan Plateau and Mount Kailash (as an archetypal omphalos).
The term "Kunlun" has also been applied to Southeastern Asian lands or islands and seemingly even Africa — although the relationship to the mountain is not clear beyond the nomenclature.
In any case, Kunlun refers to distant, exotic, and mysterious places.
Different locations of Kunlun have been ascribed in the various legends, myths, and semi-historical accounts in which it appears.
These accounts typically describe Kunlun as the dwelling place of various gods and goddesses, where fabled plants and mythical creatures may also be found.
Many important events in Chinese mythology were based around Kunlun.

Group Buy Date: July 4th - August 4th, 2022

NOTE: Only keyboard kit included, not including the keycaps shown in the picture


  • Color options: Black, Gray, Burgundy, Olive green, Plant green, Pink, E-white, Chrome Coated (Limited quantity of Chrome Coated: 20 pieces)
  • Typing Angle: Left 5°, right 3°, case 7°
  • Structure: Leaf spring mount
  • Weight: Around 2.6 kg
  • Aluminum Top and Bottom case
  • Bottom weight: Chrome Coated case with PVD laser brass weight, Pink case with PVD silver brass weight, other colors with PVD black brass weight
  • Two plates: 1. Polycarbonate material 2. Aluminum material, with the same color as the case
  • PCB: 1.2 mm flex cut; Hot-swap version; Type-C interface; Not support LED; Mac, Windows, Linux compatible
  • TMK (http://www.ydkb.io) /VIA (https://ydkb.io/help/#/en/firmware-via)/ VIAL firmware support, programmable
  • Ergonomic design, PCB and Plate are split.
  • Wood Wrist Rest: Walnut
  • Designed by Wei


  • Aluminum Top and Bottom case x1
  • Bottom-weight x1
  • Plate x2
  • PCB x1
  • Case foam x1
  • PCB foam x1
  • Stabilizer shims x1
  • Gasket socks set x1
  • Tape mod x1
  • Rubber feet x1
  • Wood Wrist Rest x1