ePBT RamenStop

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by ePBT
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  • Start fulfilling orders (2023-1-30)
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  • The mold has been debugged, waiting for sample confirmation2022-02-10

Group Buy Date: Feb 1st - Feb 22nd, 2021

Estimated ship date: 2023-2-8


  • Manufacturer: ePBT
  • Material: PBT 
  • Production Methods: Dye-sub and Reverse Dye-sub
  • Designer: PLOP
  • Profile: Cherry Profile 
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones

ePBT RamenStop is a set inspired by small Japanese ramen shops. This set features plenty of cute iconic ramen shop novelties to fulfill your hunger for cute novelties.


    • United States: Kono
    • Canada: AshKeebs
    • Europe: Candykeys
    • UK: Prototypist
    • Worldwide: KBDFans

    Green (Seaweed)                    PANTONE 3145 C
    Cool White (Plain Ramen)      PANTONE 656 C
    Yellow (Eggyolk)                     PANTONE 1225 C
    Pink (Kamaboko)                    PANTONE 212 C

    "This is not sushi, this is sushi on s t e r o i d s."