[EXTRA] ePBT Avilo

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SKU: DP4202
by ePBT


  • Start fulfilling orders.(2023-10-13)
  • R2 physical sample is approved,waiting for producting(2023-4-29)
  • R2 sample is completed, waiting for confirmation by the designer(2023-04-21)
  • The R1 sample is not approved, and the R2 sample is remade (2022-07-14)
  • Color not approved, waiting for the designer to compare the color card then rearrange the sample (2022-07-12)
  • The first round of sample production is in progress(2022-03-10)

Group Buy Date:November 19th to December 19th, 2021

Estimated Shipping Date: To be updated


  • Material: PBT material
  • Profile: Cherry Profile
  • Production Method: Dye-sub
  • Manufacturer: ePBT
  • Designer: Loquerish and Creme


  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones


INSPIRATIONThis set takes most of its inspiration from the Spanish city called "Ávila", and the name for this set is taken from the Esperanto translation — Avilo.We came upon this city while researching historical Spanish places, and the town's beauty pulled our breath away with its beautiful buildings, but especially its walls.
We were enamored by the rustic Spanish town with its breathtaking buildings and captivating city walls. Likewise, we instantly knew that we wanted to capture the beauty of this world's treasure and channel it into this keycap set.