Gateron Magnetic Orange Linear Gaming Switch

SKU: DP5909
by Gateron

GATERON patent apply for magnetic induction technology in mechanical keyboard switch.
This application of the magnetic switch not only improves the typing feelof the mechanical switch again, but also make the free setting travel in conduction technology outstanding.
Applying for the electromagnetic principle, operated by Hall effect sensing.
That is to say, there are permanent magnets inside, and Hall sensors is nearby,The potential difference generated by the keycap difference will be sensed by the Hall sensor.

  • Operation speed is 10 times faster than regular mechanical switch
  • This switch allows operation travel to be adjusted from shortest 0.4mm

Magnetic Orange Switch Specs

  • Typing Style: Linear
  • Stem: Pom
  • Action travel: Freely setting
  • Operation Force: 38gf
  • Bottom Touching Force: 50gf
  • lnitial Magnetic flux: 102Gs
  • Bottom Magnetic flux: 905Gs
  • Pre Travel: Freely setting
  • Pre-Lubed: Yes
  • Spring: 20mm
  • Total travel: 4.1±0.2mm
  • LED Support:SMD
  • Lifetime: 100 million

Note: This switch is only compatible with keyboard fit lekker switch-Wooting