[GB]Enjoypbt Black on White with Icon Mods 159Keys
[GB]Enjoypbt Black on White with Icon Mods 159Keys
[GB]Enjoypbt Black on White with Icon Mods 159Keys
[GB]Enjoypbt Black on White with Icon Mods 159Keys

[GB]Enjoypbt Black on White with Icon Mods 159Keys

Regular price Sale price $89.00

  • Enjoypbt Black on White with Icon mods
    • PBT plastic
    • Dye-sublimated legends
    • 159keys
    • Cherry profile
    • Made in China
    The aim was to create a simple and sleek keyset that has the icon only mod legends.
    The white used for this set is different from what Enjoypbt has produced before and has a cool/neutral tone unlike the warmer milky white or off-white that you usually find on blank gateron keysets.
    Price will be $89 USD including shipping via DHL/JCEX  (Most countries use DHL 5-7days Most countries do not need import tariffs  , and Asian countries use jcex 2-4days )
  • When buying, please select freeshipping via 4px. The default is to use DHL, please do not choose to upgrade 15USD.
  • Stop buying on June 20
    We will be submitting the order once we have reached sales of 100 sets and will take 2 months to manufacture and ship.




2018-08-11 It's making dye sub,BOW is expected to send to me on August 26th, and will ship in early September.This is the estimated time

2018-08-31 It has arrived 100set today. According to the order, it is being shipped. The rest is expected to arrive in 1 week

    Base kit 159keys $89

    International Kit  $16.5

    Colevrak  Kit $14.9

    Color sample



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