Fully assembled 5 mechanical keyboard.
Fully assembled 5 mechanical keyboard.
Fully assembled 5 mechanical keyboard.
Fully assembled 5 mechanical keyboard.
Fully assembled 5 mechanical keyboard.
Fully assembled 5 mechanical keyboard.

Fully assembled 5 mechanical keyboard.

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  • Default is KBDfans screw stabilizer, you can choose to upgrade GMK stabilizer
  • Aluminum CNC case
  • Steel plate
  • Fully assembled
  • Fully programmable PCB
  • Free shipping

Hello, this is a fully assembled keyboard that does not contain keycaps. If you need keycaps, you can buy this link.


How to buy?

Choose the switch you like and leave a message in the order.


Case: Gray  layout 2


Gateron can choose:black/red/blue/brown/clear/green/yellow

Cherry can choose:black/red/blue/brown

Aliaz can choose:60g/70g/80g/100g

Kailh box switches can  choose:white/black/red/brown/dark yellow/burnt orange /pale blue/jade/navy

Kailh pro swithes can choose:purple/red/green

Gateron silent  swithes can choose:balck/red/brown

Zealios can choose:62g/65g/67g/78g/tealios


Layout can be selected


Product specification


Product pictures


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