KBDfans x  DDmicro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit
KBDfans x  DDmicro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit
KBDfans x  DDmicro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit
KBDfans x  DDmicro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit
KBDfans x  DDmicro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit
KBDfans x  DDmicro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

KBDfans x DDmicro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

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Product introduction

After two year's co-development with DD Dev. Group, we finally released the brand newly designed wireless mechanical keyboard DIY kit, named as DDmicro, in a 50% compact layout.

DDmicro is using the best-selling case model from KBDfans, 5 Degree, aluminum case with 6 different colors, plus an acrylic transparent option.

  • DDmicro takes 50% compact layout, provides a balanced user experience between portability and functionality
  • DDmicro provides dual modes connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1 and USB Type C. DDmicro can record up to 8 paired Bluetooth devices, and can be switched with configurable hotkeys.
  • Individual on-board RGB LEDs for all key positions. Integrated 9 different back-light effects. The brightness and effect selection can be changed by configurable hotkeys.
  • Support up to 8-layers' key mapping. Support key micros of modifier keys + basic key input.
  • Support NKRO on all key conbinations.
  • DDmicro uses a brand newly designed keyboard configuration app, use it out of box, and easy to setup. Also supporting English and Swedish keyboard layouts.

    User manual and configuration tool

    Bluetooth Pairing

    1. Make sure the keyboard has no USB connection and the power button is off (the button needs to “pop” with an audible click).

    2. Press and hold the first button on the left side of the first row of the keyboard (Escape). If your device is already paired, and you would like to keep the current paired device connection, press the second button from the top left.

    Press the button while pressing the keyboard power button ON.

    3. Open the Bluetooth adapter settings for your phone, tablet or computer and start searching for new devices.
    4. The words “DD xxxxx G18 BLE” will be automatically pop up in your list of new devices. Click it to pair successfully.

    5. If the keyboard name still does not appear in the column list after searching for 5-10 seconds, repeat steps 1 and 2 to try again. If the Bluetooth headset of another paired device is turned on, please turn the other Bluetooth device off and try the process again.

    While the keyboard is pairing, it will give priority to the fast and wide broadcast pairing. After a certain time of inactivity, it will automatically switch to a slower broadcast to save power, and the keyboard will enter the sleep mode if pairing fails.

    In the case of fast and wide broadcast, the device should appear in about 1-2 seconds, and the waiting time for slow and wide broadcast may be delayed by 10-30 seconds.

    If you’ve already set a Bluetooth ‘reset shortcut’ or a Bluetooth ‘add device shortcut’, you can also replace steps 1 and 2 by triggering your shortcut key, which will skip the tedious steps of shutting down and restarting the keyboard.

    Ddmicro battery space





    Package list

    • Aluminum case(Acrylic for transparent color)
    • Steel plate
    • DDmicro PCB
    • Rubber mats
    • Screws
    • Stabilizer

    *The battery needs to buy separately.

    Battery size  :Thickness less than 4mm

    Shipping time

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